My email address is registered to a supporter account


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Supporter accounts are generally created when you first sign up to Dribl and you did not have an active registration with a club at the time or it was created prior to your registration being approved by your club.

Supporter accounts do not hold any privileges in Dribl and access to match sheets is granted via your member account. 

To resolve this, you will need to delete your supporter account using these steps:


  1. Open the DRIBL app.
  2. Tap Profile from the navigation bar.
  3. Tap Account & security from within the Settings options.
  4. Tap on Delete within the Delete account setting.
  5. Tap on Delete to confirm.


The supporter account will be deleted immediately and you will need to follow these steps to activate your member account.


If the above doesn’t work and you are still having issues, submit a request to our support team to assist with troubleshooting further.

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