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This article will guide you through the process of de-registering a club member in Dribl when they decide to leave the club.


De-registering a Member in Dribl

  1. Access the Members Section: Navigate to the Dribl platform and click on the "Members" option located in the top menu.

  2. Edit Member Information: Select the member you wish to de-register and click on the "Edit Member" option.

  3. De-register the Member: Locate the three dots next to the member's club roles and click on them. From the dropdown menu, select "De-register." This action will remove the participant from their roles within the club.

    Note: The member will now have a red "De-registered" stamp displayed next to their record for the relevant team.

  4. De-register from Other Teams: After de-registering the member from the current team, proceed to de-register the member from any other teams they are allocated to within your club.


Troubleshooting - Why Can't I See the De-register Option?

If you cannot find the "De-register" option with the three dots, it may be because the player is part of a team submission for an competition (e.g., Australia Cup, Waratah Cup, Sapphire Cup). In this case, follow these steps:

  1. Access Team Submissions: Click on the "Team Submissions" menu.

  2. Edit Submission for the Relevant Team: Select the "Edit Submission" button for the respective team.

  3. De-register the Member from the Team: Find the member in question within the team list and click on the "Bin" icon to de-register the member.

    You will now see a red "De-registered" stamp next to the member in question.

This article serves as a knowledge base to assist you in properly de-registering members from your club in Dribl.

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