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In certain situations where you cannot allocate a participant to the Dribl electronic match sheet due to various reasons such as the registration window not being open, trial status, or pending registration request, Dribl has introduced a "Guest Member" function. This function enables you to add participants like players, coaches, managers, or staff to the match sheet temporarily.

  1. Accessing the Match Sheet: Navigate through the Dribl app to locate your team's upcoming fixture. Select the "Match Sheet" tab and click on either "Home Team" or "Away Team" based on your team's position for the particular fixture.

  2. Adding a Guest Member: Within the team's match sheet, tap the "+" icon located at the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose the "Add Guest" option.

  3. Selecting a Guest: Click on the "Select Guest" option.

  4. Adding Guest Details: Press the "+" icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen to input the guest's details. If the guest member is already added, their name will appear as an option for future matches on this page.

  5. Input Guest Details: Enter the required details for the guest member, including First name, Last name, Date of Birth (DOB), and Gender. Click "Save."

  6. Assigning a Role: Select the appropriate role for the guest member (Player, Coach, Manager, or Staff) from the Roles option.

  7. Guest Member on Match Sheet: The guest member will now be displayed on the match sheet for the selected fixture. Manage the guest participant just like any other participant, including assigning a jersey number, indicating availability, or starting the match.

  8. Retaining Guest Member for Future Selections: If you plan to reselect this guest member for future match sheet selections, you can do so as they will be retained in your list of guest members.


  • If the participant's registration request is approved later and they use the same First name, Last name, DOB, and Gender as specified in the guest member record, the Dribl system will automatically merge the guest record with their actual registration record, ensuring a single Dribl member record for the participant.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly add a guest member to your Dribl app's match sheet, facilitating efficient management and coordination for your team's fixtures.

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