Penalty Shootout


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In a knockout match, such as finals or cup competitions, the game may progress to extra time and subsequently a penalty shootout. Dribl offers match officials the ability to efficiently capture penalty shootout data, including details about each penalty kick and its outcome. This knowledge-based article will guide you through the steps to record penalty shootout data using the Dribl App.

  1. Access the Match Sheet: Begin by selecting the relevant match sheet within the Dribl App.

  2. Navigate to Penalty Shootout: Locate and tap on the "Penalty Shootout" option within the app.

  3. Record Penalty Takers and Outcomes: Under the first club participating in the penalty shootout, tap the plus “+” icon to add a new entry.

  4. Select the Penalty Taker: Choose the player who took the penalty kick from the list.

  5. Mark Penalty Outcome: Indicate whether the penalty kick was scored by tapping the green tick or missed by tapping the red cross.

  6. Repeat for All Penalty Takers: Follow steps 3 to 5 to enter information for all penalty takers involved in the shootout.

By following these steps, you can effectively record penalty shootout data for the match using the Dribl App.

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