Activate Member Accounts


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The member activation process can be performed by Body Administrators and Club Administrators.

The process is simple for clubs to provide an activation link to their specific members so that they can set their passwords and be able to log in to Dribl via the web application or mobile application.

Associations and Clubs have the capability of sending out activation emails to their members who hold applicable roles. To do so, a check must be performed on the member to ensure that they have suitable accounts linked. At least an email account must be associated with the member. To check if an account is linked to a member:

  1. Login to Dribl
  2. From the tiles, select your Club or Association
  3. Select Members tab
  4. Find a member in the list and select Member Accounts
  5. Should there be no email against the member, create one by selecting Add Account
  6. Select Email as the type
  7. Enter email address (This must be an email address that belongs only to the member and is not shared with any other person)
  8. Press the Save button. If the email is determined to be unique and not used by any other user it will be linked to the member

Should you wish to send an activation email to the member, simply click the Send Activation Email button (bulb icon). 

Once you send out the activation email, a member will receive an activation email.

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