July 2023


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Platform Module Description

Ability to set Byes to complete through Bulk Events stepper added (Complete Byes). 

Manage Add tick option (set true by default) to send notification automatically if event is changed.
Manage Added additional filters to the leagues tab (Knockout, Knockout Pools, Has Point Adjustments, Doesn't Have Point Adjustments).
Manage Additional synchronising on matchsheets - when goal-keeper is toggled the sub role goal-keeper is now selected and vice versa for un-toggle and unselect of role.


Addressed missed validation for referee rosters.
Manage Allow the ability to add sub-roles to the members that are on a match sheet.
- Coach -> [Head Coach, Assistant Coach]
- Manager -> [Team Manager]
- Player -> [Goal Keeper, Defender, Midfielder, Attacker].


Show which pay run a game belongs to on Match Allocations.
Manage Introduce option for carry over ladder points when moving one team to another league.


Introduce capability to stop a subscription in flight.
Manage Allow the editing of events that are published - a reset of matchsheet members is complete when teams are changed on the match.
Manage Editing an event/location and date now includes a tick box at the top if you wish to notify affected members of the update.
Manage Expand the borrowing capabilities to support cross borrowing flexibility with teams submitted from external associations
   - Cross Borrowing – cross teams will allow borrowing based on cross borrowing rules only
   - Cross Local Borrowing – cross teams will allow borrowing based on local rules but only from teams from the same club with application of local borrowing rules.
Manage Fix for the head to head counts not adding up correctly when doing a head-to-head ladder strategy.
Manage If added as a coach manager to a team, the are permanently added as a reporter/recorder to that team.
Manage Matchsheet Reports to be sorted by event date - default sorted by event date descending.
Manage Member Consecutive Year Export - Attempts to based on member history and all club user roles retrieve the latest maximum consecutive number of years for a role and club combination.
Manage Leagues loading performance improvements. 


Filter in the store registrations - "Team Code Manager" which filters down only manager records that are linked to a team code directly. 
Manage New Settings on Age Group and League - "Matchsheet Available Outfield Player Limit" & "Matchsheet Available Non-Outfield Player (GK) Limit" - Allowing you to stipulate maximum non-outfield (GK) limits and out-field players (Non-GK) that are made available - checked on team submission - Not checked if there is no value. Defaults applied from Age group if not set on league..
Manage Split Leagues now has the option to bring across Won, Drawn, Lost, Forfeits and Byes. 


Registration Team Instalments export - Shows manager info and instalment information for those specific store registrations. 
Manage Subsequent updates to computed ladders now optionally apply a pool number to reduce real-time ladder calculations down to a specific subset of finals with pool numbers. 
Manage Pool numbers added to events - used for finals determining pools. 
Manage Pool numbers added to match links - used for finals determining pools. 
Manage Suspension count check re-instated
Manage Two new finals strategies have been added for NFA - Championship Series 6 and 8 team two pool finals. 
Manage Utilise scores entered on forfeits rather than always defaulting to the competition setting score. 
Manage When a coach/manager is borrowed they are now automatically added as Team Recorder/Reporter on the borrowing team. 


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