June 2023


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Platform Module Description

Allow bodies to view member bans for their members that are linked to the member across all competitions and have the ability to exclude the ban to apply fo a local competition.

Manage Allowing bodies to define how rules and cards are applied to local and cross competitions.
Manage Add competition label on bulk matchsheet activate screen.
Manage Configurable accumulation and member ban scope to apply to appropriate competitions.


Improve sent email context from rosters.
Manage Enhanced borrowing based on role based limits.


Updates to referee/hub module for allocating club filters and additional validation checks.
Manage Introduce cards for penalty match section.


Introduce change photo and clear photo options for member.
Manage Introduce gender filter on Events, Results, Match Sheets and Recorder Tab.
Manage Judiciary reports that can be generated and emailed to a group of members.
Manage Add "Update Approved" as filter status option in team submissions.
Manage Reporting summary reports that can be generated and emails to a group of members.
Manage Teams Export report extensions
- Added Teams Export - CAs/Bas
- Teams - Detailed Export - Added DOBs - BA Only).


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