March 2023


  • Updated
Platform Module Description
Manage Introduce bulk push of team members from one team to another via mapper to assist in mirroring of teams.
Manage Introduce club ordering in home settings.

Home and Away swap feature with downstream swapping of associated rounds.

Manage Soft deleted contact details to appear correctly on member record.
mobile.svg Manage Allow submit/unsubmit/confirm/unconfirm for Referees on match sheets until match sheet lockout period to allow referees to assist reporters during match day.
mobile.svg Manage Resolved issue with ID cards displaying as a black card on mobile app.

Career lookup optimisations in member view.


Manage Introduction of minutes played report.
Manage Grading report update to optimise display of career history for the last two years.
Manage Issue with coach/managers not creating corresponding team Reporter/Recorder roles when added to team.
Manage Synchronise components as fixture blocks sometimes do not align properly with timeline.
Manage Address user role duplication on team mapping.


Introduce seamless referee check-in on match day.


Allow referees to set context of availability and blockout by club/branch.


Registrations to be 'reapproved' if they've been rejected (in Manage).


Registrations to be reset back to awaiting approval (pending) when they've been set to rejected.
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