January 2023


  • Updated
Platform Module Description

External fields to display third party fixtures to administrators but disallow changes unless the administrator is impacting their local fixtures.


The Coach role filter in registrations area resolved.

Manage Thumbnail not displaying correctly issue resolved in the registration area.
Manage WWC Report to include Team Managers and Volunteers in the exported records.
Manage Error when mapping team to a members from the member area resolved.
Manage Exclude penalties as goals in moment counts. 
Manage Apply yellow card accumulation across nominated competition.
Manage Allow for change to jersey number for player in team mapper.
mobile.svg Manage Mobile application user interface update introducing new look and feel for improved match day experience 
Manage Ensure social flag in competitions applies match sheet restrictions appropriately.


Add filter in allocations tab for rosters that are submitted to a branch.


Disable charge on hubs allocations tab for referee users.


Disable charge on Referees allocations tab for referee users.


Introduce pay runs to manage all official payments.


Allow registration image update on a completed registration by system administrators.
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