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Connect accounts are created by a Financial Controller. 

Dribl uses the Stripe payments platform to process payments.
  • To create a Connect account, complete the following steps:

    1. Log in to Dribl.

    2. Select Connect Account from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu. If there is no Connect account associated with your club, the system will prompt you to create one.

    3. Click Create Account.

    4. Enter the email address for the Connect account. Payment notifications and notices will be sent to this email address.

    5. Click Use this email address. The Get paid by Dribl page is displayed. 

    6. Enter your contact email address and mobile number and then click Continue. An activation code is sent to your mobile. Enter the activation code to continue.
      Every time you access the Stripe Connect dashboard, you will need to verify yourself in the same way.
    7. A series of pages requiring additional information will be displayed:
      • Tell us about your business: Select your type of business and your business structure and then click Continue.
      • Tell us more about your business: If required, enter further information about your business: Legal business name, ABN, ACN, and so on, and then click Continue.
      • Verify you represent this business: Enter details verifying that you are a suitable representative of your organisation (such as an executive or senior manager) and then click Continue.
      • Business executives: If applicable, enter details of any additional business executives that are part of your organisation, and then click Done, Continue.
      • Select an account for payouts: Enter the details of the bank account you would like Stripe to send your payments to and then click Save.
    8. Review the summary of information that you have entered and update any details as needed. Click Save [tbc].

    9. If Stripe cannot automatically verify your details from what has been entered, further proof of identity may be required. You will be required to take a photo of yourself or upload one of the following ID documents: driver licence, identity card or passport. Click Next. Stripe will verify the relevant ID document.

    The next step is to enter your club credit card details.

  • The credit card will be charged only when your connected account does not have a sufficient balance to service a payment, such as a referee pay run or a refund.
    1. Select Connect Account as above.

    2. Click Update Default Payment. The Connect Account Setup form is displayed.

    3. Enter the details of the club credit card and then click Set Payment Method.

    4. Click Go to Hub.

    1. Select Connect Account as above.

    2. Click View Account Dashboard.

    3. Enter the 6-digit code sent to your mobile. The Stripe dashboard is displayed.

    4. From the dashboard you will be able to:
      • See upcoming payouts
      • View your available balance
      • Track your earnings in real time


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