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Timetables are used to create Ground & Field availability slots when scheduling fixtures for a league. The system will use these availabilities to schedule matches based on the parameters set in Timetables. It is important to ensure that the availabilities set cover all age groups and divisions used under the competition and that they do not clash with other availabilities set across all competitions.

The following entities need to be completed before creating Timetables: Grounds, Fields, Home Settings, Age Groups, Divisions and Competitions.


To create availabilities under Timetables, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Dribl.

  2. Select Timetable from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.

  3. Select the relevant Competition and Club from the upper right of the page. The Timetables - Home Availabilities page is displayed listing the home ground and fields.

  4. Click +(Add Availability) from the task menu to the right of the relevant field.

  5. Set all the required parameters. Note that availabilities with a higher numerical value priority will take precedence when scheduling.

  6. Click CreateOrange.png(Create). Note that any edits and changes after creation will require an additional click of the tick icon. Orange represents no changes saved; green represents changes saved.

  7. Once saved, availabilities can be edited, copied/pasted, and deleted as needed.


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