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Merge Requests are performed when a member has multiple accounts that require merging. This is usually caused when a member has previously created a Supporter Account, prior to being invited to Dribl by the club. 

A supporter account does not hold any club roles and will need to be merged with the corresponding Member Account.

Merge Requests are initiated by Competition or Club Administrators and subsequently approved by the Dribl Support team.

To create a Merge Request, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Dribl.

  2. Select Members from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.

  3. Locate the member record you wish to merge.

  4. ClickMergeRequest.png(Merge Record Request) to the right of the member.

  5. Search for the duplicate member record that you wish to merge with. Note that it is useful to enter the email address associated with the member. This will help locate them faster.

    Multiple member records can be merged if required.
  6. Toggle on Merge for each member record you wish to merge.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Go through each item in the member field list, and select the applicable data you wish to retain for the new merged account. Note that this information should match the details in the member registration record.

    The status icon for each field will change from red to green once an option has been selected.

    You need to select a value for every member field. Once the merge request is approved, the data that has NOT been selected will be discarded. This process is not reversible.
    Image Select the member's registration photo
    First Name Select the member's first name
    Middle Name Select the member's middle name (if applicable)
    Last Name Select the member's last name
    Date of Birth Select the member's date of birth
    Federation Number Select the member's FFA#
    Account Email Select the email address the member will use to log in to Dribl (if applicable)
    Dribl Number Select the member's Dribl number (if applicable)
    Contact Email Select the member's contact email address. This is usually the email address that was used to register in Dribl Connect or Play Football.
    Gender Select the member's gender

    Address Line 1 

    Address Line 2




    Select the member's address details (as applicable)
    Certificates Select any certificates held by the member (if applicable)
    Contact Details Select the member's contact details (as applicable)
    Contacts Select any emergency contacts listed for the member (as applicable)
    Identifications Select any identification records submitted by the member (if applicable)
  9. Click Next.

  10. Review the changes requested and then click Submit. This will create a request for the Dribl Support Team to approve. These are checked daily and will be processed during work hours. If you have an urgent Merge Request, Submit a Request to our support team.

    Once the merge has been approved, the member's Match Sheet Availability will be reset to 'Not Available' (applies to managers/coaches/players). A Competition Administrator will need to set the Match Sheet Availability to 'Available', once they have re-confirmed that the member's details are accurate. Until this is done, the member will not appear on the match sheet.


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