Rollovers - Preparing for the next season


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In preparation for a new season, the process of finalising and closing off the current season and commencing the next is known as a Rollover. This process allows for important settings and data to migrated into the next season, saving competition administrators considerable time and effort.


The Rollover process allows for the following settings to be migrated (as applicable):

  • Clubs
  • Age Groups
  • Divisions
  • Axis
  • Grounds/Fields
  • Offence Codes
  • Member History Update
  • Competitions
  • Football Calendars
  • Leagues
  • League Borrowing Rules
  • Club Timetables/Availabilities

To perform a Rollover for your current season, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Dribl.

  2. Select Rollovers from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.

  3. Click +(Create) from the task menu. The Rollover wizard is displayed.

  4. Enter the Season Name and Date Range for the new season.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Select the relevant options to roll over Competitions, Leagues, and Teams. In most cases, only Competitions need to be rolled over as it is unlikely that the next season will have the same Leagues and Teams. Note that members/players are not included in the rollover.

  7. Ensure that all the Competitions that are being rolled over are selected under Rollover Competition Options, and that New Competition Name and New Date Range are entered for each competition. You can change these dates later in the newly rolled over season if you are unsure of the final start and end dates. We recommend that cup/trial competitions not be rolled over as they are season specific. It is easy to create these again in the new season. Select Move Availabilities if you wish to keep all field availabilities the same for the new season. 

  8. Click Next.

  9. Review the rollover summary and then click Rollover. The rollover can take up to 30 minutes depending on the size of the association.

  10. Click Return to Rollovers.

  11. Once the rollover is complete, Status will show as 'Complete'.

  12. Log out and log back in or reload your roles by going to the top right of the page (where your login name is displayed), click your name and select Reload Roles.

  13. Upon re-login or reloading roles, you will see the new association tile for the new season, and you will be ready to commence the new season. Your previous seasons are archived and can be retrieved at any time by navigating to the archived list. To do this, clickToggleSeasons.png(Toggle Seasons) on the main hub (to the right of the search bar). Ensure that your clubs are made aware that their archived seasons can also be accessed in this way.


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