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To enter a 'schedule of availabilities' for a referee, complete the following steps: 

  1. Log in to Dribl.

  2. Click on the applicable referee branch from your list.

  3. Select Members from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.
  4. Browse or search for the referee you want to enter an availability for and then click EditReferee.png(Edit Referee). The Edit Settings form is displayed.

  5. In the Availabilities section, click +(Add a new availability).

  6. Enter all the relevant information for the Availability.
    Branches Select the applicable branch.
    Clubs Select All clubs if the availability will apply for all the clubs for which the referee can officiate. Otherwise, select the individual clubs for which the availability will apply. 
    Period Enter the start and end dates of the availability.
    Day Select the weekday of the availability. e.g. select Thursdays if the referee is available each Thursday.
    Start time & End time Enter the times between which the referee is available on the specified day.

    Select the frequency of the availability:

    • Weekly
    • Fortnightly
    • Monthly
    • Daily
    • Single Day

    Enter the reason for the availability.

  7. ClickApprove.png(Save).

  8. Add further availabilities if required.

  9. Click Update.


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