Managing Registrations


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Registrations capture the context in which a person will be involved in football across a period of time, in this instance as a club for a specific season.

Registrations usually flow into the Dribl system via the Dribl member registration system, 'Connect', or from a third-party registration system. These registrations are made available to the appropriate association and clubs for approval through a basic workflow.

An automated integration path is utilised to consume registrations. Clubs and Branches will not need to perform any manual work to get the registrations into the system for final review and approval.

Registrations that flow into the clubs and branches need to be reviewed and approved for them to be added as a valid member for the upcoming season.

To manage registrations, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Dribl.

  2. Select Registrations from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.

  3. Via the list menu area you will be able to navigate and see all the imported registrations. You will have the ability to filter the records in the list using the filter functionality.

  4. Each registration will be flagged with its status and is to be dealt with by the administrator in the most appropriate way as outlined below.
    Awaiting Approval The record has been successfully processed and needs to be Approved to become a member. The record can also be Rejected.
    Integrity Error The record has been processed but integrity errors in key fields (e.g. clash of FFA number between multiple members with different details) have been identified where administrators will need to resolve before clicking Acknowledge. The record will be parsed through the rules and if all the data is valid, it will set the registration to Awaiting Approval.
    Rejected The record has been flagged as rejected by the club. There is no need to perform any further action on the record.
    Completed The record has been approved and no other action is required.


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