Grounds & Fields Overview


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Grounds and Fields work in combination and are fundamental to allocating and scheduling fixtures within Dribl. Grounds represent the venue in which a match can be played whilst the Field represents the specific pitch within the Grounds in which a match can be played.

Field Configurations

Dribl supports a variety of Field configurations based on Full, Half, Midi and Mini sizes that are directly associated with the appropriate Age Groups. A "Parent / Child" hierarchical relationship exists between the various Fields to allow for flexible configurations of the Grounds on game day, as illustrated below.




The configuration of the Grounds and Fields and their respective availabilities plays an important role in the scheduling of fixtures. If a match was scheduled on a Child Field, the Parent Field would automatically be marked as unavailable for the duration of the match as the Full Field cannot be utilised. The same would hold true if a match was scheduled on a Parent Field and any associated Child Fields would be marked as unavailable. Dribl eliminates the possibility of any scheduling conflicts based on Field availability automatically to ensure scheduling integrity is maintained.

Standalone fields however do not have any Child Fields and therefore can be utilised without the added dependency of supporting multiple configurations.

The table below illustrates the "Parent / Child" relationship between each Field size. 


Parent Field Child Field
Full (Standalone)  
Half (Standalone)  
Midi (Standalone)  
Mini (Standalone)  
Full Half
Full Midi
Full Mini
Half Midi
Half Mini


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