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Seasons are fundamental to the operation and management of competitions within Dribl. All competitions and member registrations must be assigned to a Season. 

For the purpose of Registrations and Members, a Season also defines the 'Registration Period' in which registrations will be accepted for the relevant competition. A season can be configured as a calendar year, a calendar season (summer, winter, spring or autumn), bi-annually, or any period or duration in which your competition runs. 

When your Dribl tenancy is first initialised, the first Season is created for you by default. You can modify and configure the season settings to meet your specific requirements.

Having a Season created is a requirement before setting up your competitions and registering or importing members. This will ensure that your data is managed and organised effectively, leading to accuracy and integrity of the data. All competition and member data is structured such that you will be able to search, manage, report and retrieve data based on any current or historical season.


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