Competition Structure


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Seasons are fundamental to the operation and management of competitions within Dribl. All competitions must be assigned to a Season, which may contain either a single overarching competition (i.e. Home & Away) or multiple individual competitions (i.e. NPL, NPL2, League One).


Which do I choose?

It really depends on your requirements. Dribl provides flexibility in how competitions can be managed and caters for the unique operational requirements of competition organisers.

With the single competition approach, all the scheduling and fixturing is aggregated across all of your leagues as opposed to a per competition basis with the multiple competitions approach.

Consider the following to help you make your decision.


Single Competition in a Season

This is the best option when All Leagues and their teams will be administered under the same competition. There will be consistent points applied across all league tables and the scheduling and fixturing occurs on an aggregated basis across all teams.





Multiple Competitions in Season

This is the best option if there is a need to manage leagues in logical groupings, logically separate leagues across different competitions and leagues or competitions have different administrative and scheduling requirements.





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