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Clubs may submit (push) members who they would like to officiate games, to a hub branch, and assign them to one or more hubs in that branch.

Club members can only be submitted to the clubs/branches that were specified in Member Send to Clubs during initial club setup.

To submit a member to a hub, complete the following steps:

    1. Log in to Dribl.

    2. Select Clubs from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.

    3. Select your club.

    4. Select Members from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.

    5. Find the first member you want to submit as a game leader/hub administrator and click Send_to_Club-Branch.png(Send to Club/Branch).

    6. Enter all the relevant information for the Member.

      Type Select Hub.

      Select the relevant role:

      • Game Leader: A Game Leader (GL) can accept allocations and administer match sheets.
      • Hub Administrator: This will assign the member the role of Game Leader Administrator (GLA). Game Leader Administrators can manage hubs.
      Branch Select the relevant hub branch.
      Select branch season

      Select the relevant branch season. e.g. SDSFA Winter 2022.

    7. Click Next.

    8. Select the branch hubs to link to the member.

    9. Click Next.

    10. Click Submit.


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