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In this article, you will learn how to register for a football competition or program using the public Dribl member registration portal—Dribl Connect. This is available for players, coaches, team managers, volunteers, referees and other interested parties.

To create a Registration, complete the following steps:
  1. Go to the Dribl Registration portal.

  2. Click Find a Club. All clubs and referee branches are displayed.

  3. Use the search options to find the club that you want to register with.

  4. Click the relevant club name. The club registration page is displayed. All open seasons that have products available for selection are shown.

  5. Select the applicable season. The login page for the club is displayed.

  6. Enter your Dribl account email address and password and then click Log in. The Registrant page is displayed.

    If you haven't yet created an account for registrations, click Create Account to create an account.
  7. Enter all the relevant information for the Registration.
    Who are you registering?

    You can register yourself, a minor, an adult family member or register on behalf of another person, for example, you may be a team coach registering each team member.

    Click Continue.

    Member Profiles

    Select the relevant member profile and then click Continue.

    A member profile is created for each registrant that uses the same email address as you. For example, you may have registered your child and used your email address in the contact details. In this case you will have two member profiles—one for you and one for your child.
    Registrant Details

    If you have selected a member profile, the registrant details are prepopulated. Update the details as required.

    If you are registering someone else, enter their details:

    • Personal details: Name, Gender, Date of Birth, FFA Number and Dribl Number (if known)
    • Contact details: Email address, Mobile number
    • Address: Enter the registrant's address in the Address field. If the address is found, select it—the address fields are prepopulated. If the address cannot be found, click Enter address manually and enter the address details. Mandatory fields are shown with a red asterisk (*).
    • Nationality

    Click Continue.

    Emergency Contacts

    Review or enter emergency contact details for the registrant. You must provide at least one emergency contact. Click Add additional emergency contact to add another emergency contact.

    Click Continue.

    Registration Photo

    Upload a photo of the registrant using the following guidelines:

    • True likeness of the participant
    • A recent photo (taken in the last 6 months)
    • No hats or sunglasses
    • Passport-style photo taken from the shoulders up on a clear background

    Click Continue.

    Registration Products

    All products provided by the club are displayed. Select the relevant product.

    Additional Information

    Additional information may be required for the registration. If prompted, provide the information requested.

    Click Continue.

    Registration Summary

    The Registration Summary provides details of the product that you have registered for, including:

    • Unique reference for the registration
    • Product description
    • Registrant name
    • Special vouchers that have been applied, e.g. Early Bird voucher
    • The price of the product
    • Vouchers that you have entered that reduce the amount payable
    • The amount payable


    • Click Add Voucher to enter any vouchers you have available for the registrant.
    • Select the applicable voucher type and then click Continue.
    • Enter the voucher code and then click Continue. In the case of an Active Kids voucher, after you enter the voucher code and click Apply, the system will verify with Service NSW that the voucher is valid and active. When that is confirmed, the Active Kids voucher will be shown, and the amount of the voucher will reduce the amount payable.

    Terms & conditions

    Terms and conditions are rules and regulations that you must agree to when registering for a product. Read all the terms and conditions that apply to the registration and acknowledge that you have done so.

    Personal information consent

    To complete the registration, you must consent to the collection and use of your personal information as stated.

    Click Continue. The registration is added to your cart.

    Add another registration if required.

    Check out

    Click No, continue to checkout once you have completed all your 'purchases'. The order details page is displayed. Review the items in your cart and then click Continue.


    Valid payment types are shown and may include:

      • Credit Card: Enter the name on the card, card number, expiry date and card verification code (CVC). If there is a processing fee, the total payable will be recalculated to include the processing fee.
      • Direct Debit: Bank account details are displayed.
      • Pay Later: Pay off your purchase over time.

    Click Proceed to checkout to process the payment. This may take a minute or two. Once the payment has been processed successfully, a confirmation page is displayed. You will also receive an email receipt of the payment.

    Lastly, ensure that Submit Order is selected at the end of the registration process. 

Viewing your orders

To view all your orders, click your name at the top right of the page and then select Orders. The Orders page is displayed, showing the Order Status and Payment Status of each order. If the Order Status is 'Draft', click Continue to either complete or delete the order.

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