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Vouchers are used to reduce the cost of participating in football competitions and programs. They reward commitment to a club, make the cost more manageable for families that have multiple family members in a club and reward early payment of fees.

Vouchers are created by a Club Administrator or Referee Administrator (for referee-related products).

To create a Voucher, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Dribl.

  2. Select Stores from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.

  3. ClickEnter.pngto enter your store.

  4. Select Voucher.

  5. Click +(Add) from the task menu. The Create Voucher form is displayed.

  6. Enter all the relevant information for the Voucher. 

    Set name Provide a name for this voucher, e.g. Seniors (19 years +).
    Voucher type

    Select the relevant voucher type:

    • Single Use Code: A one-off voucher.
    • Automated - Family Discount: Discount offered when multiple family members join the club.
    • Automated - Service Based: Discount offered based on length of membership with the club.
    • Automated - Early Bird: Discount offered for early payment of fees.
    Gender Select the relevant gender. The voucher will only apply only to products that match the gender.
    Set maximum limit Specify the number of times this voucher can be used or select Unlimited for an unlimited number of uses, however, the voucher can only be used once per registrant.
    Voucher start Date Specify the date the voucher starts. If left blank, the voucher will start from the beginning of the registration period.
    Voucher expiry date Specify the date the voucher expires.
    Check registrant's non-financial status to apply voucher
    Select Financial restriction to not apply the voucher for registrants deemed non-financial.
    Apply to Disbursement Level

    Select the level at which the voucher should be applied:

    • Apply to total amount: By default, the voucher is applied to the total amount of the product.
    • Apply to <level>: Select the level to apply the voucher to. The voucher will only apply to that amount of the overall total.
    Voucher value

    Select the type of voucher discount:

    • Fixed amount: Enter the fixed value amount.
    • Percent: Enter the percentage discount offered by the voucher.
  7. Click Create.


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