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A product is normally a football competition but may also be a football program such as a training camp or a school holiday or weekend program. In the store, registrants select the club and competition or program that they want to participate in and pay the applicable fee.

Products are created by a Club Administrator or Referee Administrator (for referee-related products).

To add a Product, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Dribl.

  2. Select Stores from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.

  3. ClickEnter.pngto enter your store.

  4. Select Products.

  5. Click +(Add) from the task menu. The Create Product form is displayed.

  6. Enter all the relevant information for the Product.

    Product type

    Select the type of product you want to create:

    • Competition: A football competition.
    • Program: A football program.

    For Competitions:
    Competition Registration Type

    Select the type of registration required:

    • Normal: This is the default value.
    • Team Creator: Mainly used for social football, this option allows a team to be nominated for the competition. Team players will use a Team Link product to join the team.
    • Team Link: Select this option to set a team link to a team created by a Team Creator product.
    Enforce team link
    ('Team Link' only)
    Select this option to always enforce team linking.
    Team registration club scope
    ('Team Creator' only)

    Select which clubs can register teams:

    • Body Clubs: Only clubs that belong to your association can register teams for the competition.
    • All Clubs: Clubs from any association can register teams for the competition.
    Period selection Select the relevant period, e.g. 2022.
    Group selection Select the relevant group (season), e.g. Winter. The registration period is displayed.

    For Programs:
    Programs Select the relevant program created by your association.

    Product Template:
    Signup Form Template

    Select a form that will act as a template for the registration process. The form will define a default disbursement set with related terms and conditions and vouchers.

    Click OK on the message that is displayed.

    ClickViewDetails.png(View details) to display the default disbursements and terms & conditions associated with the form.

    Gender Select the gender the product relates to.
    Role Select the role the product relates to.
    SKU Code Enter the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) Code. This can be any type of reference to your product.
    Name Enter the product name.
    Description Enter a short product description. The description will be displayed in the product selection list presented to the registrant.
    Age Restriction

    Optionally enable an age restriction on the product.

    Select Enable Age Restriction and then enter the minimum and maximum age required for the product.

    Registration maximum limit Specify the maximum number of people who can register for this product.
    Hierarchy Disbursement

    Specify how much money will be disbursed to your club for this product. This will be the difference between the total price for this product and disbursement amounts already allocated to your association, federation, etc., via the selected Signup Form Template.

    Example: Disbursements to your association and higher levels total $100.00.  The total price for your product is $265.00. Enter $165.00 as the disbursement for your club.

    Your club will be the first item on this list. ClickEdit.png(Edit) to change the disbursement amount. Enter the GST inclusive amount and then click Save.

    Click + to add vouchers that relate to this product. The Voucher Selection form is displayed. Select the applicable voucher(s) and then click Close.

  7. Click Create.


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