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A disbursement set is used to specify how much money from each product 'purchased' by a registrant will go to each party involved. Relevant parties may be, for example, your association, state and national governing bodies. Each of these will receive the amounts specified in the disbursement set.

When you create a form, you select a default disbursement set that relates to all products that use the form. When you create a product, you also specify the disbursement that goes to your club.

To create a Disbursement, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Dribl.

  2. Select Stores from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.

  3. ClickEnter.pngto enter your store.

  4. Select Disbursement.

  5. Click +(Add) from the task menu. The Create Disbursement Set form is displayed.

  6. Enter all the relevant information for the Disbursement.

    Set name Name for this disbursement set, e.g. Seniors (19 years +).
    Default Disbursements

    Your association will be the first item on this list. ClickEdit.png(Edit) to change the disbursement amount. Enter the GST inclusive amount and then click Save.

    Do the same for each level shown. If a particular level is not relevant, clickToggle-Visible.pngto toggle it off. It will then not get included in the totals shown.

    Default Terms & Conditions

    Click +(Add) to select Terms & Conditions. The Select the default Terms & Conditions for this disbursement set form is displayed.
    Select Available Terms & Conditions to select all the terms and conditions or select individual terms and conditions. The terms and conditions that you select will apply to all products that use any form to which this disbursement set is associated.

    Click the right arrow in the middle to associate the selected items. Click Update.

    For Terms and Conditions to appear on the left side, they need to be added first in the Terms & Conditions section of the store.

    Click + to add vouchers that relate to all products with forms using this disbursement set. The Voucher Selection form is displayed.

    Select the applicable voucher(s) and then click Close.

  7. Click Create.
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