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A period is simply a period of time that contains seasons, entered as groups. Periods are set for associations and drive club-level products. Registrations for a particular season will be restricted to the specified period.

Periods are created by a Competition Administrator.

To create a Period, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Dribl.

  2. Select Stores from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.

  3. ClickEnter.pngto enter your store.

  4. Select Periods.

  5. Click +(Add) from the task menu. The Create Registration Period form is displayed.

  6. Enter all the relevant information for the Period.

    Name The period name, e.g. 2022.
    Period Start Date/
    Period End Date
    The start and end dates of the period.
    Ignore multiple registrations within club registrations [tbc]
  7. Click Create.

  8. Click +(Add a Group). The Groups section is displayed.

  9. Enter all the relevant information for the Group.

    Group Name The group name, e.g. Winter.
    Group Start Date The season start date, including the start date of registrations.
    Group End Date The season end date.
    Registration Open Date/Time The date/time that registrations will open. The registration period also determines when products that are linked will be displayed to registrants, e.g. if the Registration Open Date/Time is tomorrow, then the products will not appear until tomorrow.
    Registration Close Date/Time The date/time that registrations will close.
    Set Refund cut off date The last date a person can request a refund on deregistration.
    Actual Season This is a drop-down list of existing seasons that have been set up in the system. If it is relevant, one can be selected and will be linked to this group. This means that when a person submits a registration and it gets approved, the registrant will then be moved to the primary competition registration list for further approval. If left unselected, it means the submitted registrations will be held until a season has been selected.
  10. Click Create.


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