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Rate cards are used to apply the correct payment amount to referees who are officiating a match.

Referee Administrators are the only users that can create Rate Cards and map the correct amounts to the applicable match compositions.

To create a Rate Card, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Dribl.

  2. Select Rate Cards from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.

  3. Click +(Create) from the task menu. The Rate Card form is displayed.

  4. Enter all the relevant information for the Rate Card. 

    Competition The competition that the rate card is applicable for.
    Age Group The age group that the rate card is applicable for.
    Division The division that the rate card is applicable for. Division is optional so if the same rate applies to a Competition/Age Group composition across all divisions, no division would be required.
    Role The role that the rate card is applicable for.
    Rate The rate per match.
    Club Charge

    The amount per match to charge the club.

  5. Click Create.


Note that the application of the Competition, Age Group and Division is aggregated. As an example, if the following have been set on a rate card:

  • Competition: Main
  • Age Group: U14
  • Division: 01

Then the system would be looking for compositions of matches that match the criteria below, so the suitable rates are applied to corresponding matches.

  • Main – U14 – Division 01
Each role for a match may be configured to apply a different rate.


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