Follow a League

This article is for: Administrators, Coaches, Managers, Parents/Guardians, Players, Referees, Supporters

If you are a Parent/Guardian or Supporter, ensure that you have created a Dribl account.

If you are an Administrator, Coach, Manager, Player or Referee, ensure that you have activated your Dribl account.

To follow a league on the Dribl app, complete the following steps:

  1. Tap Following from the menu.


  2. Tap League and then +.


  3. Locate and select a football association from the list.


  4. Locate and select a competition from the list.


  5. Locate and select a league from the list by tapping Favourite.png to follow it.


  6. Tap x to close the page and return to the Following page. 


  7. A tile for the league you are following is added to the League list. 


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