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Dribl supports the ability for Players, Coaches, and Managers to be mapped or assigned to multiple teams if the competition settings allow it or an individual Allocation Restriction has been configured for a member by a Competition Administrator.

A Competition Administrator can define the maximum number of teams a member can be allocated to by configuring the Allocation Restrictions for a Competition. When configured, the setting is applied across the entire Season and is enforced for every member participating in it.

This setting is usually defined when Creating a Competition. However, it can be configured after a Competition has been created. 




To configure Allocation Restrictions for a Competition:

    1. Select Competitions from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.
    2. Select the  Edit Competition Edit.png button from the Actions menu.
    3. On the Edit Competition page, scroll down to the Allocation Restrictions section.
    4. Enter a value for the Players/Coaches/Managers assignable to number of Teams option to define the maximum teams a member can be allocated to. The default value is '1'.
    5. Click Update to save your entry.


A Competition Administrator can configure an Allocation Restriction for an individual member which will override the competition settings. This method is used when an exception needs to be made for an individual member.

To configure Allocation Restrictions for a member:

      1. Click Members from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.
      2. Locate the member record and select the Allocation Restrictions Allocation_Restrictions.png button from the Actions menu to create a new Allocation Restriction.
      3. Click Add Allocation Restriction.
      4. Select a Competition from the available list.
      5. Select Player, Coach, or Manger from the Role list.
      6. Specify the maximum number of teams this member can be assigned to for the specified competition. This value will override the competition allocation restrictions settings.
      7. Click the Create Tick.png button to save your entry.

By default, the Team Mapper tool only displays members who have not yet been allocated to a team in the Available Members list.

If the Allocation Restrictions allow for a member to be mapped to another team, click on the Allocated toggle button to display members that have already been allocated.


Locate the member that you need to map from within the Member List and click on Add Member button to add them to the team. 

You can optionally use the member search and filter tools to refine the results as required.


  • A Competition Administrator is the only authority to approve Allocation Restrictions and should be contacted with any requests relating to approving any individual member allocation restrictions.



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