Complete Match Sheet


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The match sheet needs to be marked as 'Completed' (finalised) after all required information has been entered.

This task is performed by a Referee or Club Reporter as part of the post-game administrative process.

A Club Reporter can complete a match sheet only if impersonating referee capability (i.e. the Club Reporter has been added in Dribl as an unaccredited referee). Refer to Add an Official to a Match for further information.

To Complete a Match Sheet, complete the following steps:

  1. Open and log in to the DRIBL mobile app.

  2. From the Home screen, select the relevant match.

  3. Select the Match Sheet tab and then select Complete Match Sheet from the Post Game section. The Complete Match Sheet screen is displayed. If the match sheet contains any warnings, follow any recommendations to resolve them.

  4. Otherwise, tap Complete Match Sheet.

  5. The Match Sheet is displayed. The Complete Match Sheet section will show that the match sheet has been completed.



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