Match Sheet Availability

There will be a Match Sheet Availability indicator against every member mapped to the team across player, coach or manager roles. This provides the ability to body (competition) administrators to indicate if the member can take part in matches for this team. There are processes that need to be followed and certain criteria to be met for members to be able to take the field in certain circumstances. Should the body administrators find setting this status tedious individually, there is a Bulk Match Sheet Activate function that can be used to perform the match sheet activation of all members. This can be done by

  1. Select Members Tab
  2. Via the list menu search or filter to find the members you wish to Bulk Match Sheet Activate
  3. Once the list has the expected members listed, press the Bulk Match Sheet Activated via the list menu
  4. List will be presented for the members that can be Bulk Match Ssheet Activated
  5. Review the members and ensure that the ones that need to be activated are set correctly
  6. Press Next
  7. Summary will be presented, and press Send

In addition there is an alternate approach to set a member as available on Match Sheets. This can be done by

  1. Select Teams Tab
  2. Via the list menu search or filter to find the team you wish to Match Sheet Activate members for
  3. Select the team mapping button for the team to  activate members
  4. On the right hand side list, check members to green to match sheet activate 

Once a member is activated on the match sheet, they will be available to the reporters of the team to be made available to on the match sheet to take part in matches for that team under their applicable role. 

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