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Registrations contain all the relevant details relating to a person who will participate in organised football in the capacity of a player, coach, manager, referee, volunteer or any other applicable role at a club and/or competition organiser. The registration record is directly associated with a club and the specific product that they registered for via a designated member registration system.

Dribl provides a complete football member registration and payments platform whereby regulatory bodies, clubs and academies have the ability to accept member registrations and payments for all types of competitions and events. The benefit is that it is completely integrated with the Dribl Competition Management Platform and offers a simple and seamless process to manage the entire registration process under a proven and familiar framework.

Dribl also supports integration with third-party registration systems such as Play Football, which is owned and operated by Football Australia. Dribl has created an integration tool that synchronises any registrations that originate from the Play Football system directly into the Dribl Competition Management Platform. This process is completely automated and eliminates any requirement for manual intervention by an Association or Club.

Once the registrations are synchronised into Dribl, they are immediately made available to the appropriate Association or Club for final review and approval.

Registrations that have been imported have a status assigned to them which dictates the type of actions that can be taken by an Administrator. A registration can have one of the following Status values assigned to them:


Awaiting Approval The Registration record has been successfully processed and needs to be either Approved or Rejected.
Integrity Error The Registration record has been processed but there are errors in the data (i.e. duplicate FFA number or email address). An Administrator will need to review and resolve any issues with the Registration data prior to acknowledging. Once acknowledged, the system will perform a validation and if all errors have been resolved, it will set the status to Awaiting Approval.
Rejected The Registration record has been rejected by the Club. There is no need to perform any further action on the record unless there is a requirement to reverse the rejection by reviewing the record and selecting Acknowledge. The system will perform a validation and if there are no errors, it will set the status to Awaiting Approval.
Completed The Registration record has been approved and no further action is required.


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