Create an Offence Code

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How to create an Offence Code.

This article is for: Competition Administrators

  Ensure that you have read Offence Codes Overview prior to creating an Offence Code.

Offence Codes are created by the competition administrators who hold the role of Body Administrator in Dribl. To create an Offence Code, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Dribl.
  2. Select Offence Codes from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.
  3. Click + (Create) from the task menu. The Create Offence Code page is displayed.
  4. Enter all the relevant information for the Offence Code. 
  Note: The Offence Code is created in the current Season.
Provide a code (e.g. Y1, Y2, R1) for the Offence Code.
Provide a name (e.g. Y1, Y2, R1) for the Offence Code.
Provide a description (e.g. is guilty of unsporting behaviour) for the Offence Code.
Card Type
Select the Card Type from the following available options: 
  • Yellow - The offence is a yellow card (caution that can accumulate to a suspension)
  • Red - The offence is a red card (automatic suspension)
  • Other - The offence is a suspension that the Association defines for offences not covered by incidents in the field of play.
Suspension Duration
Specify the suspension duration that is allocated against a member for this Offence Code.
Match Assignable

Select this option if the Offence Code will be available on a Match Sheet to be assigned to a coach, manager or player.

5. Click Create.


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