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How to create a Field.

This article is for: Competition Administrators

  Ensure that you have read Grounds and Fields Overview prior to creating a Field.

Fields are created by the competition administrators who hold the role of Body Administrator in Dribl. To create a Field, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Dribl.
  2. Select Fields from the Actions menu or the main navigation menu.
  3. Click + (Create) from the task menu. The Create New Field page is displayed.
  4. Enter all the relevant information for the Field. 
  Note: The Field is created in the current Season.
Provide a name for the Field (e.g., Villa Reserve - Field 1, Villa Reserve - Mini 1, Villa Reserve - Synthetic, Blackrock Stadium - Main). We recommend using a combination of the Ground name and Field reference.
Specify a unique code for the Field.
Provide an optional description of the Field (e.g., Synthetic Field 1 - Full Size).
Field Size
Select the Field Size from the following available options:
  • Full Field
  • Half Field
  • Midi Field
  • Mini Field
Select the Ground this Field will be linked to. Start typing the name of the field and select the appropriate option.
Within Field (Optional)
If configuring Half, Midi and Mini Fields, select the Parent Field it will be linked to. Start typing the name of the Parent Field and select the appropriate option.

5. Click Create.


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